Parking Rules

Hamilton College is a pedestrian campus, but allows members of the community to use motor vehicles as they travel to and from College Hill. To ensure public safety, all members of this community and guests are expected to familiarize themselves with the policies outlined in this webpage and must comply with them at all times. 

Please note that the regulations outlined in this guidebook are expected to be followed year-round.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked on the Hamilton College campus must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety on a permanent or temporary basis. Please visit the campus safety office to register a vehicle and receive a parking permit.

College employees and contract service providers may register their vehicles free of charge. Sophomore, junior, and senior students may also register one vehicle and will be charged $125 per academic year, or $75 per semester. Temporary permits will be issued to all others. First year students may not have vehicles on campus, and violation of this policy can result in loss of parking privileges in the sophomore year. Under no circumstances may a student register a vehicle for another student or a vehicle belonging to another student.

Students are not permitted to regularly use vehicles registered to Hamilton employees without registering them as student vehicles and paying the appropriate fee.

Unregistered vehicles are subject to a $75 parking citation. If the vehicle's owner completes the registration process within 24 hours of the citation, the fine may be waived. Registered vehicles that do not have their parking permits properly displayed are subject to a $50 citation.

Temporary and permanent parking permits are available in the Campus Safety office. All members of the community are expected to register their vehicles in a timely manner, according to the procedures established by the Department of Campus Safety.

Parking Permits

Each student who registers a vehicle will be assigned a parking permit which will allow them to park in any student lot, with the exception of Griffin Road Apartments (overnight parking at Griffin Road is limited to students who reside there). Student vehicles are not allowed to be parked in any other location on campus except the following approved student parking lots. Faculty and Staff parking lots including the Admissions parking lot are closed to student parking at all times including nights and weekends.

Student vehicles that are parked in the Admissions or any Faculty/Staff parking lot are subject to a $50 citation. Faculty/Staff vehicles that are parked in the Admissions or any student parking lots are also subject to a $50 citation.

Students, faculty, and staff members are expected to check all appropriate lots for available parking spaces. If no spaces are available they are directed to contact the Department of Campus Safety to request instructions.

Student Lots Faculty/Staff Lots
New Lot Elihu Root House Lot
Major/Minor/Mac Lot Anderson - Connell Alumni Center
Wertimer Lot Pub Lot (Not Visitor Area)
Root Student lot KJ Lot
Skenandoa Lot Molly Root
Rogers Estate Lot Dunham Lot
Ferguson Lot (Except The First Two Rows) Bristol Center
Griffin Road Apartments(Residents of Griffin Road Apartments Only) Ferguson Lot Faculty/Staff (First Two Rows)
North Lot Philip Spencer House
Field House Lot
  Root Faculty/Staff Lot/Event Lot

Restricted/No Parking Areas

Fire Lanes

Although not marked, all campus roadways are considered fire lanes. These areas include all quadrangles and traffic circles, as well as driveways leading to and from parking lots.

Vehicles parked in fire lanes are subject to a $75 citation.

Parking for people with disabilities

Note: Hamilton College does not issue parking permits for people with disabilities.

Hamilton College does recognize any state-issued parking permit for people with disabilities. Please refer to the information below, provided by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a disability parking permit in New York State.

To get complete information about reserved parking for people with disabilities, read the DMV brochure, Parking for People With Disabilities.

Who is eligible for vehicle plates for disabled persons or a parking permit for disabled persons?

The NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law defines the permanent disabilities that qualify. If you have a permanent disability that qualifies, you can get vehicle plates for reserved parking from the DMV or a parking permit from your local government. It is illegal to park in a parking space reserved for persons with disabilities if you do not have the correct vehicle plates or parking permit. You can use the vehicle plates or parking permit in New York State and in most other states.

How do I get a parking permit for disabled persons?

You and your healthcare provider can complete the application form MV-664.1. You also can have your healthcare provider (MD, DO, DPM, or NP) complete a statement on their letterhead. The statement must describe the disabling condition and verify that the disability qualifies according to the law. Bring the form or statement to the issuing agency in your locality (normally the office of your city clerk, town clerk or village clerk). There is no fee for a permit. Remember that the DMV does not issue the parking permits.

Vehicles parked in a parking space reserved for persons with disabilities and not displaying a valid state-issued permit are subject to a $75 citation and/or towed.

Mail Center Parking

All parking spaces near the Beinecke Student Activities Village and the Hamilton Mail Center are limited to five minutes.

Vehicles parked in excess of five minutes are subject to a $25 citation.


 Restricted to faculty/staff parking only.  Several spots are available for Shine, HAVOC and COOP vehicles. In addition, two parking spaces are designated for Zipcar parking only. No vehicles other than Zipcars are authorized to park in these spaces. Vehicles parked in Zipcar parking spaces may be towed without warning.

Morris Hall

This area is reserved strictly for service vehicles only. All other vehicles will be ticketed and may be towed at owners' expense.

Commons Dining Hall Parking Area

Parking is prohibited behind Commons Dining Hall, Backus House and the Rudd Communications Center. Vehicles parked in this area will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners expense.

Loading Docks and Dumpsters Areas

There is no parking around dumpsters and loading dock ares. These areas are used by College personnel on a daily basis and need to be kept clear at all times.

Vehicles that impede access to these areas are subject to a $50 citation.

No Parking Zones

Motorists may not park their vehicles in posted "no parking" zones at any time.

Vehicles parked in these areas are subject to a $25 citation.

Two-Space Parking

Vehicles must be parked between painted parking space lines.

Vehicles occupying more than one space are subject to a $25 citation.

Grass, Mud, and Dirt Areas

Paved and gravel surfaces are designed to support a vehicle's weight, grass or landscaped areas can be seriously damaged by vehicles that drive or park on them. Vehicles may not park in an area that does not have a gravel surface surface or is not paved.

Vehicles that drive or park on grass, mud, or dirt are subject to a $50 citation. Vehicles that are parked partly on pavement and partly on grass are also subject to a $50 citation.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Driveways are not intended for vehicle use, even when chains are down and the driveways open; parking or driving on sidewalks is also prohibited.

Vehicles that violate either of these regulations are subject to a $75 citation.

Emergency Snow Removal

During periods of inclement weather, Facilities Management may need to relocate vehicles from College parking lots to accommodate snow removal. The community will be notified of the snow removal schedule by electronic mail and traditional postings.

Vehicles that are not removed from their lots by the specified time are subject to a $50 citation and will be towed at the owner's expense.

Prohibited Vehicles and Motorcycles

Mopeds, scooters, and other motorized bicycles cannot be stored in College buildings or parking lots. The use of motorcycles is permitted, but compliance with all parking and traffic rules and regulations is expected. In accordance with New York State law all riders are required to wear DOT approved helmets.

Traffic Violations

The Department of Campus Safety expects all motorists to comply with posted traffic signs.

Vehicles that pass stop signs or violate one way policies on campus roadways are subject to a $50 citation.

Motorists should be aware that College Hill Road, Campus Road, and Griffin Road are all in the jurisdiction of Oneida County and the Town of Kirkland. All local parking, speed, and driving laws are aggressively enforced by the Kirkland Police Department.

Speed Limit

The on-campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

Vehicles that violate the on campus speed limit are subject to a $50 citation.

Temporary Exceptions

Campus Safety will give members of the community temporary permission to park in restricted areas to load or unload their vehicles or for other extenuating reasons. With permission from the Department of Campus Safety, a vehicle may park for a maximum of twenty minutes.

Additional Sanctions

Any member of the Hamilton community (student or employee) who accumulates three or more parking tickets in one fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) will incur additional parking-related sanctions. 

Campus Safety Officers are authorized to have any illegally parked vehicle towed if it has received three or more citations. After a vehicle receives ten citations, the vehicle's owner will lose parking privileges for the rest of the academic year. The owner's parking permit will be revoked, and the owner will be required to remove the vehicle from campus within two weeks. If the vehicle is found anywhere on campus after two weeks, it will be towed at the owners expense.

Any operator may have their parking privileges suspended or revoked if, in the determination of the Director of Campus Safety, their actions have compromised the safety of other users of the campus.

NOTE: Any vehicle removed from campus will be towed at the owner's expense. In the event that a tow truck is not available at the time of violation, the vehicle may be assessed a College Towing Fee equal to the cost to remove the vehicle from campus.

Special Circumstances and Appeals

On rare occasions, exceptions are made to College parking policies. All requests for exceptions must be submitted, in writing, to the Hamilton College Parking Appeals Board. More information is available in the Campus Safety office.

Vehicle registrants may also appeal parking citations by completing an appeal form and submitting it to the Parking Appeals Board. Appeals must be submitted within five days of the citation and the petitioner's parking history will be considered when decisions are made.

All Parking Appeals Committee decisions are final. Parking fines are not billed until all appeal procedures have been exhausted and citations that are successfully appealed do not count towards the excessive ticket totals.

Vehicle owners should be aware of the following before they file an appeal:

  • Appeals for fire lane and handicap area citations are not usually approved.
  • The use of hazard lights (or "flashers") does not excuse illegal parking.
  • Vehicles that park illegally for an extended time can receive multiple citations.
  • Ignorance of published parking regulations does not excuse violations.
When possible the Parking Appeals Committee consists of one member from each of the upper three classes, one staff member, and one faculty member or administrator appointed annually by the Assistant Director of Campus Safety.


Hamilton College assumes no liability for loss or damage to any vehicles parked on College property, or personal property left within, on, or around such vehicles. The College assumes no liability for vehicles that are towed by local agencies.

Contact Information

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