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Hamilton College believes in-person instruction, delivered as safely as we reasonably can, is the best way to prepare our students for lives of meaning, purpose, and active citizenship.

We’re grateful for the care and concern demonstrated by our students, faculty, and staff for each other in the fall semester, and we are relying on that spirit of generosity and cooperation again throughout the spring. This website outlines the steps we are taking to protect the health and safety of our community for the spring 2021 semester. It considers the recommendations of experts and incorporates what worked well in the fall. The website may be modified as new information becomes available and new best practices are identified.

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Campus Operating Levels

Operating Levels Chart

Modified operating levels guide the safe operation of the College during the semester and are determined by government directives, prevalence of the virus in the region, and related factors. Each operating level takes into account the status of the College’s educational mission, students in residence, employee staffing, campus services, and the availability of facilities. The color-coded Alert Level Guide informs the College’s operating status by considering the number of positive cases of COVID-19, the number in quarantine, the availability of testing, the ability to deliver the academic program and essential services, and other factors. Note: The College’s operating status between semesters is outlined in a separate guide.


During winter break, there are no students on campus. There are a small number of employees on campus that are being tested. Given the limited activity, we have suspended our dashboard updates temporarily and will be notifying the campus by email of any on-campus employee positives. Below is a summary for the Fall 2020 semester. We will have a new and updated dashboard when our faculty and students return in late January.

For clarifications on the terminology used below, please see our data definitions.

Students, Fall 2020

Positive: 16
Results: 52127
Pos. Rate: 0.03%
Daily Average Cases
New: 0.2
Active: 1.6
Avg. Result Time
23.3 hrs
from test to result

Employees, Fall 2020

Positive §: 14
Results: 16357
Pos. Rate: 0.09%
Daily Average Cases
New: 0.1
Active: 1.5
Avg. Result Time
23.3 hrs
from test to result

All numbers reflect testing administered by Hamilton College for students and employees living or working on campus.

§ The College was notified of four positive employee results through third-party testing sources in fall 2020. These have been added to our totals for public notification purposes, but are not factored into positivity rates and averages.

Current Local and State

Hamilton College is in the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State.

New Cases (1/23)
Oneida Cty: 117
Region: 272
NY State: 12720
Tests (1/23)
Oneida Cty: 3506
Region: 6075
NY State: 249955
Source: New York State Statewide COVID-19 Testing

For more information about COVID-19 in our region, please visit the Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard.

Dashboard Questions?

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at dosdept@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4020. Media inquiries should be directed to Vige Barrie, vbarrie@hamilton.edu.

Data Definitions

Students - All students that are residing in on-campus housing during the current term.
Employees - All employees that have been on campus within 7 days of being tested. In this case, employee numbers include contractors and temporary workers.
New Cases - The number of individuals that tested positive on the given date.
Active Cases - The number of individuals currently in isolation due to having tested positive.
Resolved Cases - The number of individuals that are no longer in isolation due to having tested positive.
Total Cases - Total number of cases since tracking began (active plus resolved).
Positive Test - A test result that indicates the person has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus (not the antibody).
Test Results - Includes test results returned from on campus testing by Hamilton College in partnership with the Broad Institute.
Positivity Rate - Percentage of individuals testing positive out of total test results returned.
Quarantine - A person is placed in quarantine if they have close contact with an individual that has tested positive. This number reflects students placed in quarantine due to testing administered by Hamilton College, and does not reflect arrival or state quarantines.
* Quarantine Beds - Number of quarantine beds managed by Hamilton College (includes occupied and available). The College may expand inventory as necessary.
Quarantine % Open - Percentage of quarantine beds that are NOT occupied by someone in quarantine.

Guidance Used for Decisions

Hamilton has relied on a number of resources to develop its response to the coronavirus pandemic:

It is essential to recognize that studying on campus during this pandemic creates an unavoidable risk of exposure to COVID-19. To mitigate risk of contracting the coronavirus, everyone must cooperate and follow public health guidance and related College rules and communications. Honoring them is a condition of Hamilton’s COVID-19 Community Standards; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
Spring 2021 Calendar

Spring 2021 Calendar

The spring semester begins later than usual and will not include a spring break, but the revised calendar includes two wellness days with no classes.

Jan. 29: Orientation for new students begins

Feb. 1: Classes begin

Mar. 3: Wellness day

Apr. 6: Wellness day

May 11: Classes end

May 12 and 13: Reading days

May 14 to 18: Final exams

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